Urban Decay: Electric pallette



Hey Beautease!!!

Sorry about the Horrible photo quality, I am horrible at the technology part of all this. But, after getting the electric palette by UD, I figured I should play around a bit for you all.

So here is what I determined: It is a good palette. It has intense pigment colors but they work best over a white base. So of the colors have a chalky texture but seem to blend well. Some of the colors will stain the skin so beware!

I primes with the NYX jumbo pencil in Milk

and all the colors are UD Electric Pallette.

Do you have it? Show me some look! Tell me what you think of it!


Vlog: MTV VMA confessions


Hey there!!! So I have a habit of showing up an hour or so early to everything because the thought of barely making it on time or running a minute late is unbearable to me. So this is what normally happens when I am alone with myself…. Thoughts, so many thoughts!

But seriously, if anyone else watched the VMA’S and felt the same way I did please let me know.


Don’t forget to like, comment…. whatever you feel like!

Waterproofing makeup



Hello my Beautease!!!

In Hawaii making sure your makeup can last all day is so important and I think that the humidity and the fact that the beach is life, is a huge factor many woman don’t wear full faces of makeup out here.

As a makeup artist I have to assure that the makeup I apply will withstand the elements and time.

I bought a brand new eye shadow pallete with vibrant colors I applied a white base than the shadow and some lash glue and pearls to see if they would last.

#1 is freshly applies

#2 is immersed in the tub and I took a full bath and shower (obviously not scrubbing this area, but it was wet, and some soap suds went over it….)

#3 is fresh out of the tub and blotted dry. I lost 1 rhinestone but to be fair I kept playing with it!


NYX jumbo pencil in Milk as a base

Urban Decay Electric Pallete

Kat von D setting spray

DUO lash glue in dark

Worked super great!!!


Malificent makeup tutorial!



Hey there my beautease!!!!  Halloween is coming on up and I wanted to do some quick makeup tutorials again. I love the chance to expand and be creative. Most of the makeup looks I post are 30 minutes or less, because I’m super ADHD and anything over30 minutes is crazy!!!

Hope you enjoy. Let me know what quick makeup look you would like to see!


Painted Love



What is love? A timeless question with infinite definition. As young ladies we have so many ideas of love, and marriage, and our weddings. This beautiful watercolor wedding by Hailey Faria Photography and Dream Compass Styling was a blessing to work on.

For me love is like living a dream. I am married to the man of my dreams and as hectic as life gets its still beautiful experiencing it together.


For me this Watercolor Wedding is so soft and dreamy, it really embraces the carefree, easy going nature of love.


Of friendship

HFP_1906web HFP_2105web

(I love the updo I gave the maid of honor *toot toot*)

HFP_2246web HFP_1web

Hope you all enjoyed these photos as much as me!


PC: Hailey Faria Photography

Styling: Dream Compass

Half of Me


20150819_164512 20150819_164416

This is not a Halloween tutorial!

It started off as a lazy day wanting to just do 1 eye so I could upload something to my Instagram account.But then I decided I was going to do the entire half of my face. Yes, the instant thought is WOW makeup makes a huge difference and it really does.

I am so glad that I did this, not to show off my awesome makeup skills (but,hey come on!) but because it is a beautiful reminder of who I was and who I am but more importantly who I strive to become.

Once upon a time there was a young girl and even though she modeled an won crowns she never really felt whole, complete,or beautiful. She wore a full face of makeup everywhere she went, even to a drive thru because makeup gave her confidence with it she could hide the sadness, she could be who she felt she was inside. But when the makeup came off she was lost. Through the  heartaches and pains in life she hid even more, now through her hair and clothing. The ever changing image reflected the inconsistent emotions inside her heart.

In the last 2 years I have worn less and less makeup, changed my hair less, traded tight and bright clothing and sky high heels for comfortable and casual wear. Many would say it is a part of getting older and maturing to tone down and become comfortable with ourselves or care less about the opinions of others. For me it is in the confidence I have found in God. He has done such a great work in me as a person that I am confident either way.

These photos remind me that I am beautiful no matter what; makeup, no makeup, sweats or a gown my beauty is in who I am not what I wear.

Ladies I encourage you to find pictures of old and be thankful for who you are today and what you have overcome or are overcoming. Love who you are all the time.

Psalms 139:14

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.


Part of your world


11053716_1081213655228827_4039084818742293588_o 11270370_1081670628516463_7954747764064930914_o

Mermaid heaven!!!

I can remember being about 7 and going to the mall and getting the most amazing chocolate chip cookies at Mrs.Fields and sitting with my mom and sister to watch the Little Mermaid! That was it, hook, line and sinker.

I was mer-obsessed. Well, Ariel obsessed even if my singing would have scared the entire Kingdom away!

I have had the greatest opportunity to make these woman’s dreams come true! I get to do mermaid hair and makeup, obviously more makeup than anything else. But, I enjoy the creativity and fantasy of it.

At the shoot above with these two ladies there was the sweetest little boy and I am sure we made his dreams come true meeting a mermaid. The wonder in his eyes was magical. he even asked one of the mermaids if the basketball under water! It is those moments that I know what we do is special.

Please check out Krystal Klear Images.


The Test of Time



I have such a passion for what I do. When I get the unique blessing to work on fitness competitors or Pageant woman it is always a test and a blessing in one.

First of all, these ladies are extra special to me because I was a pageant girl myself. But I always know I have a long and exciting day ahead of me when its competition time. But, sacrificing a few hours of sleep for a full day of non stop action and excitement is nothing compared to the work and dedication these ladies have put forth.

I had 3 lovely clients for the Ikaika bodybuilding completion in Oahu. We got up and got started early! They did their prejudging around 8am. When we met back for final show I was so amazed and proud of how great all my girls looked! Take a look…. This is from right before she went on stage in the morning and then 11 hours later, after she took a nap and ate…. all her makeup was perfect the only touch up was lips!

I have used so many setting sprays and le me say: technique, great product and great setting spray will do wonders for a long day! For the Ikaika competition I chose to go with Kat von D spray I got at Sephora! LOVE!!!

Let me know what you use!




I love my job. I love hair and makeup. I don’t think I could love anything else (career wise) as much as I adore making over woman. These photos are unedited and that’s just the way I like it!!!

I believe that God gave me purpose. I may not be the most creative hair and makeup artist. I might not be the most trendy! What I am is understanding, and a good listener. I love to show woman- hard working, mothers, single mothers, spouses, singles… driven woman and young ladies the best of themselves. Life is hard. As woman we are flooded with so many different ideals. What is beauty? You. You are beauty.

I get to take a woman like Danielle, a total knockout and bring out the kick butt, diva she is inside for the world to see. Danielle serves our country, works out, and is stuck in uniform with a bun all day. She wanted to feel like a sexy diva, so that’s what I did for her. No fancy tricks. Some basic application and some good times.

I love my Job. I love what I do. I love that God blessed me with the ability to uplift such great woman!